The UC Davis Museum of Wildlife & Fish Biology’s Putah Creek Nestbox Highway involves students, landowners, and the community in conservation of cavity nesting birds through active habitat restoration and nest box monitoring. Objectives include increasing breeding opportunities and population densities of cavity nesting birds while providing a framework for environmental education and research into cavity-nesting bird ecology.

Since its inception in 2000, the Putah Creek Nestbox Highway has provided breeding habitat for thousands of cavity nesting birds, from Ash-throated Flycatchers to Western Bluebirds, many of whom return year after year to nest along the creek. These birds serve to boost local wildlife populations, and provide valuable ecological services and public enjoyment opportunities.

Our many generous sponsors and supporters include: the Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee, Solano County Water Agency, the UC Davis Department of Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology, Teichert Foundation, Davis Sunrise Rotary, Putah Creek Council, UC Davis Riparian Reserve, Center for Land-based Learning, Cities of Winters and Davis, County of Yolo, California Department of Fish & Wildlife, and numerous landowners.



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  1. I saw a vibrant male western bluebird at the Putah Creek diversion damn with two leg bands, left band was green, right band was silver metal. Maybe you are tracking the birds?


    • Thank you for the info! Yes, we keep a record of re-sightings. We don’t have a bluebird on record with that band combo, but perhaps it had other color bands that fell off over time. It’s possible that someone else banded it too. Most of our birds have four bands total (including one metal band).


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